But even if you should suffer for the sake of righteousness, you are blessed. And do not fear their intimidation, and do not be troubled, but sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you yet with gentleness and reverence; and keep a good conscience so that in the thing in which you are slandered, those who revile your good behavior in Christ will be put to shame.  1 Peter 3: 14-16

Latest Headlines: - Apologetic Report
Sunday, 16 July 2017 18:00

Nuggets from An Urgent Call to a Serious Faith by Dave Hunt - God Has to Be Three-in-One

July 17, 2017
Nuggets from An Urgent Call to a Serious Faith by Dave Hunt – God Has to Be Three-in-One The New Testament presents three Persons who are distinct, yet each is recognized as God. At the same...

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Written by tbc staff - bl
Sunday, 16 July 2017 18:00

10 Things You Should Know about God’s Incommunicable Attributes

1. They describe how God is not like us.

His incommunicable attributes belong to him alone. They are true of him and no other. His immeasurability, incomprehensibility, self-existence, self-sufficiency, eternality, immutability, omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotence, and sovereignty should elicit...

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Written by Guest
Sunday, 16 July 2017 18:00

The Lord Our Maker

“O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the LORD our maker.” (Psalm 95:6)

In the first chapter of Genesis we are told that God was to “make man in our image,” and also that He “created man in his own image” (Genesis 1:26-27). Similarly, on the...

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Written by Days of Praise from ICR
Sunday, 16 July 2017 18:00

An Eternal Expression of Love Featured

We often skim quickly over the introductory parts of Paul’s epistles, but they are usually pregnant with meaning—and in the case of his letter to Titus, profoundly so. In his seemingly simple salutation, Paul gives us some vivid insight into how the plan of redemption started.

In verses...

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Written by Grace to You Blog
Sunday, 16 July 2017 17:03

Right and Wrong Motives in the Ministry

Jerry Sivnksty

FrontLine • March/April 2008

image The American College Dictionarydefines motive as “something that prompts a person to act in a certain way or that determines volition; an incentive. The goal or object of one’s actions.” Every child of God must seriously weigh his...

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Written by Jerry Sivnksty
Sunday, 16 July 2017 17:00

Jon Bloom on You Become What You Eat


I often read things I appreciate, and frequently those things appear in a Desiring God blog post. I really try to read one or more of them daily. Once in a while I read something that causes me to say, “Yes, yes, yes!” (Sometimes aloud!) More than once I have gotten my Golden...

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Written by Jon Bloom
Sunday, 16 July 2017 17:00

Evangelism: How the Whole Church Speaks of Jesus by J. Mack Stiles

Crossway, 126pp 
Evangelism. It's about programmes, right? Special meetings, Christianity Explored, Life Explored. Centrally organised by the church. Partly, yes. Those things have value. But Mack Stiles' book is not about getting churches to buy the latest off the shelf programme. Results...

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Written by Guy Davies
Sunday, 16 July 2017 17:00

Fullness of Joy: The OT and the Afterlife (Part 2)


Re-printed by permission from It is WrittenRead Part 1.

Three Pillars of the OT Believer’s Hope

Most modern scholars concede that one or two passages in the Old Testament may teach a future resurrection unto eternal life. But they usually date these passages after the exile and trace...

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Written by TylerR
Sunday, 16 July 2017 16:50

The Body of Christ

The body of Christ is meaningful in so far as individual Christians have Christ as their collective head. It is not individual local churches of which Christ is the head. It is not even individual Christians who are members of local churches. Rather, all Christians of the church age are those who...

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Written by Kevin T. Bauder
Sunday, 16 July 2017 16:18

A Man’s Guide to Wearing Rings

Hey, knowing this stuff is part of being a gentleman. And we need more gentlemen–especially Christian gentlemen.

Filed under: Manliness

Authors: Kevin T. Bauder...

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Written by Kevin T. Bauder
Sunday, 16 July 2017 16:02

David DeBruyn on “Authority, Soul Competence and Vocation”

African theologian David DeBruyn offers a clear and important biblical reason to reject populist objections to special knowledge.

God has so made the world and limited man that we each need to specialise in some domain of human life. We need some to give themselves to knowing the human physiology,...

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Written by Kevin T. Bauder
Sunday, 16 July 2017 16:02

Don’t Be a Do-Gooder: Pastoral Reflections on Goodness

The word “good” is nearly meaningless today. The cook will take it as a criticism when you tell him dinner was simply good. He’ll think if you really liked the meal, you’d have said it was terrific, fantastic, or awesome. Compared to adjectives like these, “good”...

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Written by Alex Duke
Sunday, 16 July 2017 16:00


INTRODUCTION – FOR THOSE WHO ARE NEW TO THIS SERIES Because there seems to be such a lack of emphasis on God’s Word these days, I wanted to start a new series that will simply focus on God’s Word. So, Lord willing, at the beginning of each and every day I will just be sharing...

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Written by Mary/Living For His Glory
Sunday, 16 July 2017 15:15

5 Words of Advice for Young Seminarians


For those starting college or seminary education, I know it can sometimes be intimidating or overwhelming. And for those who don’t feel a little intimidated or overwhelmed, you may need to prepare yourselves, lest you get caught off-guard by the challenges of your studies and the seminary...

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Written by Jared C. Wilson
Sunday, 16 July 2017 15:05

July 17: The Last Days of Ty Cobb [1886-1961]

Dr. John R. Richardson was pastor of the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Atlanta, Georgia, and he was quite well-known in his day. The following statement concerning the famous baseball player Ty Cobb was issued by him was prepared at the request of the Board of Directors of THE...

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Written by davidtmyers
Sunday, 16 July 2017 15:05

The Bible is Better Than Google


I have three kids: that means three different opportunities for random diseases and injuries and weirdness to pop up. When there are spots on my 3-year-old’s arms, when my 1-year-old’s hair smells like it’s burning, or when my five-month-old is eating twice the amount his formula...

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Written by Margaret Bronson
Sunday, 16 July 2017 15:01

Covenant of Works with Les Lanphere

Jason is without voice and internet for this episode, so listen to Josh talk with Les Lanphere about the Covenant of Works. Les Lanphere is, unfortunately, a baby-sprinkling Presbyterian. Fortunately, he’s the director of a fine upcoming film Calvinist that is about…...

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Written by Collective Cast
Sunday, 16 July 2017 15:00

The Goodness of Girlfriends Who Are One Season Ahead

I was reminded this weekend of the goodness of having a few dear friends who are a few years older than me—women who have walked a season before I got there.  On Saturday I was briefly reunited with a friend who I served with in Japan about 13 years ago.  She lived a plane flight...

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Written by Jennifer Oshman
Sunday, 16 July 2017 15:00

The Miracle of Belief

My speech and my preaching were not with persuasive words of human wisdom… —1 Corinthians 2:4

Paul was a scholar and an orator of the highest degree; he was not speaking here out of a deep sense of humility, but was saying that when he preached the gospel, he would veil the power of God...

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Written by RSS | My Utmost For His Highest
Sunday, 16 July 2017 15:00

Joshua 24; Acts 4; Jeremiah 13; Matthew 27

Written by: Don Carson

Joshua 24; Acts 4; Jeremiah 13; Matthew 27

WHEN PETER AND JOHN were released from their first whiff of persecution, they "went back to their own people" (Acts 4:23). The church gathered for prayer, using the words of Psalm 2 (Acts 4: 25-26). They understood that Old Testament...

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Written by Don Carson
Sunday, 16 July 2017 15:00

Male and Female He Made Them


We live in a culture where the lines between manhood and womanhood are increasingly blurred. More and more, gender is viewed as a choice rather than a God-assigned designation. Homosexuality and transgenderism are embraced, and even encouraged, in modern society as an expression of free choice and...

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Written by TFL
Sunday, 16 July 2017 15:00

Links For The Church (7/17)


Climate Change and the Church's Mission

How should evangelicals think about climate change? Or do they even consider it? Matthew Arbo explains the moral responsibility of the church to care for the earth.

"But I Didn't Mean to be Racist."

Jemar Tisby explores the difference between intent and impact...

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Written by Staff
Sunday, 16 July 2017 14:10

Hillsong, Bethel Music and The Great Seduction

For the first time, Hillsong United is uniting with Bethel (Redding’s) Music for a “Night of Worship” on July 21 @ the Redding Civic Auditorium. Note that by their participation, Hillsong is effectively declaring their affinity with Bethel Redding, it’s music, and by...

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Written by 4Philemon
Sunday, 16 July 2017 14:01

Stir Up the Life

Stir Up the Life
“Our sufficiency is from God.” 2 CORINTHIANS 3:5

How will He do it? How will He demonstrate the sufficiency of His Life to do everything in your stead? Why, the next time you feel your temper getting out of control, or the person you resent is bothering you, or...

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Written by Chip Brogden
Sunday, 16 July 2017 14:00

Are the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum Divisive?


The Ark Encounter and Creation Museum, the world-class Christian attractions of our Answers in Genesis ministry, were featured in a lengthy front-page article yesterday in our local newspaper, the Cincinnati Enquirer, and in its sister paper the Courier-Journal of Louisville (Kentucky’s...

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Written by Ken Ham
Sunday, 16 July 2017 13:46

Repenting of Our Performance-ism and Perfectionism

Written by: Scotty Smith

     When I first came to you, dear brothers and sisters, I didn't use lofty words and impressive wisdom to tell you God's secret plan. For I decided that while I was with you I would forget everything except Jesus Christ, the one who was crucified. I...

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Written by Scotty Smith
Sunday, 16 July 2017 13:04

LITV Episode 18 | Marriage and the Family Part 3 Featured

In This Episode…

01:11 – Segment 1

  • As a parent, we are to disciple our children/li>
  • How does a Christian disciple unsaved children?
    • Even unsaved, children are created in the likeness and image of God and have to be obedient.
    • We should...

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Written by John Johnson
Sunday, 16 July 2017 12:31

Do Your Kids Know Why They Should WANT God to Exist?

By Natasha Crain I’ve written over 250 blog posts here since 2011. People still come across my old posts by searching for something on Google, so nearly every day I receive new comments on a wide variety of old posts. Many of the comments are from atheists. As I read the latest comments...

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Written by Guest
Sunday, 16 July 2017 12:26

Why Would a Good God Allow Pain and Suffering?

As Christians, we acknowledge God is good, all-powerful and all-loving. If this is the case, why does God permit the pain and suffering we see all around us? A good god would not allow the kind of suffering we see in our world, would He? Those of us who have tried to comfort a gravely sick...

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Written by J. Warner Wallace
Sunday, 16 July 2017 12:16

What We Think of Ourselves is Important – Part 1

The man who is seriously convinced that he deserves to go to hell is not likely to go there, while the man who believes that he is worthy of heaven will certainly never enter that blessed place. I use the word “seriously” to accent true conviction and to distinguish it from mere nominal...

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Written by Moderator
Sunday, 16 July 2017 12:07

What We Think of Ourselves is Important – Part 2

Our Lord -told of two men who appeared before God in prayer, a Pharisee who recited his virtues and a publican who beat on his breast and pleaded for mercy. The first was rejected, the other justified. We manage to live with that story in some degree of comfort only by keeping it at full...

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Written by Moderator
Sunday, 16 July 2017 11:56

A Desperate Faith

Two years ago this week, I drove across the country to a start a new life in an act of desperate faith that was probably more desperate than faith. My reason for moving was that it was the only door for change that God had left open, and I desperately needed a change. In the three years leading up...

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Written by wendywidder
Sunday, 16 July 2017 11:36

Why Money is Not The Root of All Evil

On several occasions, I’ve heard this expression from others: “Money is the root of all evil.” I’ve heard it from Christians, from irreligious people, in the media, and lots of others places. Some seem to think that money is inherently evil, and we should find no delight...

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Written by David Qaoud
Sunday, 16 July 2017 11:30

The Relentless War On Faith, Family and Freedom – and What We Can Do About It Featured

We all know about the murderous Islamic terror groups such as IS and all the horrific persecution of Christians and others they are involved in. Christians in the West are also facing persecution, although admittedly nowhere near as severe – so far. But for those on the receiving end of this...

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Written by Bill Muehlenberg
Sunday, 16 July 2017 11:24

A Modesty Proposal

Here’s how to end once and for all the evangelical “modesty war”

  1. Get the Right side of the debate to admit that women aren’t inherent stumbling blocks and that sexual purity is not the greatest good.
  2. In response, the Left side of the debate acknowledges that the Bible has the...

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Written by Samuel James
Sunday, 16 July 2017 11:16

Intinction Has Led To Removal Of The Cup From The Laity

Respect the sacramental table to which you have approached, the bread of which you have partaken, the cup in which you have communicated, being consecrated by the sufferings of Christ.5 5. Note that this allusion implies that Communion in both Kinds was . . . Continue reading →

Authors: R....

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Written by R. Scott Clark
Sunday, 16 July 2017 11:11

Christian News Weekly Recap July 10 – 15, 2017

Christian News Weekly Recap July 10 – 15, 2017 This is a recap of the past week’s daily news items from our Christian News Section. Monday July 10, 2017 Church of England Votes to Affirm Transgender People: It’s ‘Not a Sin,’ Says Bishop Christian Crisis Pregnancy...

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Written by Alesia Cengia
Sunday, 16 July 2017 11:00

“Can’t the days of creation be long periods, since a day to the Lord is a thousand years to us?”

Some also misapply Gen. 2:17 to Adam, saying that he died “the day” he sinned because he lived less than a thousand years (see 5:5). But even if Adam had lived to 1,001 years, Gen. 2:17 would still be true: Adam did die the very day he chose to disobey God—he died spiritually that...

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Written by The Daily Evidence
Sunday, 16 July 2017 10:22

The Pro-Life Movement Before ‘Roe v. Wade’

Written by: Thomas S. Kidd

Critics of the pro-life movement argue that it was a phenomenon that emerged as a reaction beginning in the early 1970s, when some states began liberalizing abortion laws. The pro-life movement really got off the ground, the story goes, when the Supreme Court stepped in...

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Written by Thomas S. Kidd
Sunday, 16 July 2017 08:02

Dear Feminists, Where Are You?

Dear Feminists, Where are you? When a culture of brutality and abuse and sexual torture against women is being built around an empire called pornography? Where are you when teen magazines encourage young girls to let their porn-influenced boyfriends sodomize them? When sexual experts tell girls...

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Written by Melissa
Sunday, 16 July 2017 07:37

The Sword of the Spirit

Test: Ephesians 6:17b; Matthew 4:1-11

The Sword of the Spirit: What is it and how do we use it?

Authors: John Samson...

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Written by John Samson
Sunday, 16 July 2017 07:36

(Podcast) Fact, Faith, and Feelings: Their Role in Finding Truth - Bellator Christi

On the July 6th, 2017 edition of The Bellator Christi Podcast, Brian discusses the format people use to find truth. As F. B. Meyer suggests in his book The Secret to Guidance, people employ fact, faith, and Feelings in differing orders to find truth. In reality, only one format works....

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Written by Brian Chilton
Sunday, 16 July 2017 07:00

Social Media Highlights (7/16/17)

Here are highlights from our various social media accounts over the past week.

Listen today as @RCSproul explains what it means to live life “coram Deo.” https://t.co/FFKZsruE37

For one week only, download @RCSproul's 10-part teaching...

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Written by Nathan W. Bingham
Sunday, 16 July 2017 06:30

Facebook Cannot Replace Your Church

At a recent Facebook rally in Chicago, Mark Zuckerberg suggested that the social network behemoth can effectively replace institutions like “churches and Little Leagues.” Through new breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, he aims to draw people together into Facebook Groups to serve...

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Written by TOvermiller
Sunday, 16 July 2017 06:08

False Teacher of the Day #8: Scott Hofert, Watershed Church Featured


But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, bringing upon themselves swift destruction.And many will follow their sensuality, and because of them the way of...

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Written by Jeff Maples